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Inspect BEFORE You Invest! FREE Pre-purchase evaluation

Pianos that have been sitting around the house and not tuned or serviced for years are for sale everywhere! Unless you know what to look for and have the experience to recognize expensive repairs, DON”T BUY IT! Call me and I’ll inspect that piano for FREE so you don’t get stuck with a useless instrument. Just because you hit the keys and it makes noise doesn't mean it is playing properly and efficiently. Let me Inspect BEFORE you Invest!






Keeping your piano properly tuned to A-440 will make it a pleasure to play. Students that play a tuned piano have better tone to note association. Maintaining the proper tension on the harp will also increase the life of your piano. 


A consistent and even tone will make your piano a joy to listen to. From bright and jazzy to dark and mellow, voicing will customize your piano's tone.



The touch and feel of the keys under you fingers is just as important as tuning. If your piano is sluggish, difficult to play, non responsive, has sticky or dead keys, it needs regulation. This process will make your piano easier to play, allow for greater expression and improve the overall tone of the piano.


Dampp-Chaser Installation

Maintaining the proper humidity in your piano is essential to prevent the wood components of your piano from warping and cracking. A Dampp-Chaser, Piano Life Saver System will insure the integrity of your piano and reduce the chance of costly repairs. Click on Piano Life Saver System for more information. 


Repair & Rebuilding

Do you have a cherished family piano you would like to see made into a playable musical instrument? Call me for a FREE evaluation of your piano. From basic repairs to complete rebuilding, your piano once again can play like new.

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