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Proper tuning and repair of your piano will allow you to enjoy your instrument to it's fullest! I have been a piano player for over 50 years and a technician for over 15 and take great pleasure in making every piano I service sound as good as it can!

About me:


I've been a piano player since the age of eight. Both my parents played, my dad played Dixieland jazz and mom was more classical. I broke away from my lessons to improvise pop songs from the radio. Becoming a piano technician was a natural progression in my love for the instrument. Being a piano player gives me a unique approach to piano servicing.

My Services


​- Pitch raise and tuning

- Voicing

- Repair and Rebuilding

- Pre-purchase evaluations

- Dampp-Chaser installation

- FREE advice

Have a Question? Call or drop me a line:

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